Conditions of Use

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*Communications:: Forced Inductions may attempt to reach you via email, phone, or SMS text messaging regarding your order. Please note that message frequency varies. Message and data rates my apply. If you do not wish to receive text messages please contact us directly Customer Service at 256-796-1230. Carriers are not liable for delayed or undelivered messages.

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*Shipping Charges:: Shipping is not included on the price unless otherwise noted. Some distributors charge $5 - $15 extra for drop ships. We also offer domestic / international shipping and all packages are to be insured. Some of these charges may apply on items not in stock.

*Online Pricing:: Online Prices are subject to change without notice. Price accuracy shown on the website is not guaranteed.

*Order Cancellations:: All online orders paid by Credit Card or Paypal transfers are subject to 2.9% cancellation fee.

*Return Policy:: Returns must be handled within 30 days of the date on the invoice and could be subject to a 15%-20% restocking fee. No returns on
electrical parts. No cash refunds, store credit only. No returns are accepted without a valid tracking # and the original invoice must accompany the return.

*Claims:: A claim for damage in transit must be made by the customer directly to the shipping agency as soon as the damage is found. Forced Inductions is not liable for the condition of the merchandise as handled by the shipper once the shipper has accepted delivery from Forced Inductions or Distributing company.

*Storage Policy:: Due to too many problems in the past, we have adopted a very strict policy on equipment/parts that are to be stored at our shop while waiting to be picked up or delivered, or abandoned.

Please read the following important information if you have equipment/parts at our shop that must be stored before it can be picked up or delivered:

We are not a storage facility, and have little space in our shop to store equipment/parts , so please be courteous and make arrangements to pick up your parts, or to have it delivered, as soon as is possible after it is ready to go.

  • Any equipment/parts left at our shop for more than 48 hours (2 days) after being repaired, or after scheduled or estimated pick up or delivery time, will be subject to a storage charge of up to $100.00 per day, per size and weight (over 1000lbs), with a one-week minimum charge ($500.00 per equipment/parts), which must be paid before equipment/parts can be picked up or delivered.
  • Any equipment/parts that has been left or stored at our shop for more than thirty (30) days becomes the property of Forced Inductions, LLC, and can be sold to cover any applicable repair, service, and/or storage costs due. Any payment or deposit received will not be refunded, and is forfeited along with the equipment/parts. If equipment/parts does not sell, and original owner returns to claim the equipment/parts, owner immediately pays any outstanding charges and storage costs, plus additional storage charge of up to $500.00 per week, per equipment/parts, with a 1-week minimum charge (per equipment/parts), for the amount of time the equipment/parts was/were stored at our shop beyond the original thirty (30) days.
  • Storage fees must be paid IN ADVANCE. Cost is up to $ 500.00 per equipment/parts, per week. Any equipment/parts that has not had storage paid for it becomes property of Forced Inductions, LLC, and will be claimed or sold. Any payment or deposit received will not be refunded, and is forfeited along with the equipment/parts.

We are not responsible for any goods left at our shop for more than 30 days that have not been claimed or that have not had storage fees paid on them. Any deposits paid on equipment/parts that are left at our shop for more than 30 days are completely non-refundable.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!